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Eataly’s New Theme Park Is Every Foodie’s Dream

If you love trying new culinary delights, you must put Bologna, Italy on your destination list! The town has opened FICO Eataly World, a massive food theme park which, according to the press release, will be the “world’s largest agri-food park”.


According to Eater, the theme park will be 20 acres of farmland in Bologna. The large piece of land includes “40 farming factories where visitors can see farmers process meat, cheese, pasta, and other Italian goods”. So, essentially, you can feel like you’re really a part of your food-making process. Guests will them be able to dine on the good at one of the 40 restaurants and refreshment stations on the property. The press release also noted that there will be six additional “educational rides”. Each of these rides is a “multimedia carousel dedicated to the extraordinary story of Man and Fire, Earth, Sea, Animals, Bottled Goods, and Future.”


Their website also noted that guests will be allowed to try different courses as well as attend events. Some of the highlights the website notes is home gardening, discovering the life inside a beehive as well as being a beekeeper, how to make extra virgin olive oil, rice making, making fruit into sorbet, the secrets of truffle hunting and creating candies.

If this place doesn’t already sound like a dream, there’s more! The park will be free of charge for all visitors. Granted, “free” price does not include the bill you’ll receive from their variety of restaurants.

The FICO Eataly World is currently open! Make sure to bring your appetite.


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