Sandra Mu / Staff

Add A Bungee Workout Workout To Your Fitness Regimen This New Year

With one bungee attached to a harness, you can float, jump and leap like you’re Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible.


The bungee function is to make the resistance harder during your work out. For some moves, like a push-up or plank, adding a bungee may make it feel easier. For other moves, like running, you may feel like you’re struggling a bit with the resistance.

Florida-based fitness expert Raphael Konforti told Pop Sugar, “Normally bungee or resistance bands make exercises more difficult, but when the bungee is anchored to the ceiling, the resistance completed changes”.


So, if you’re watching a video of the workout and thinking to yourself “this looks easy”, you may want to think again!


Customers who are preparing to take a class can expect bungee training to involve a variety of activity including dance rhythm, squats, lunges, and more.


Find a studio that fits your bungee-needs? Make sure to wear comfortable clothing that will properly fit under a harness. Both guys and gals, you may want to ditch the shorts on this exercise! Be prepared though, it is as hard as you think it will be.


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