Photo by: Paul Sebring

Five Things to Remember When in Charlotte

Since calling Charlotte home, I've learned some helpful things about the city and all its wonders. With a beautiful blend of cultures, dining, and entertainment, whether you already live here or think you eventually may, these five tips definitely may help you while in the QC!

1. If you love art and culture, you will become obsessed with the atmosphere of NoDa and Plaza Midwood. There are a bunch of local bars, eateries, and shops, where you can (and will) have unique and pleasant experience.

2. Charlotte is NOT a big city! You have to remember not to compare Charlotte to NYC, Atlanta, Chicago or any other big city in the US. Whats great about this is that the QC is the perfect amount of small town meets big city lights and is constantly a growing and ever-changing place.

3. Beer is life! If you love locally brewed beers, Charlotte has got A LOT of places for you. (Quite possibly some of the best in the country I might add) Some of my favorites on the list include Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, Resident Culture, Triple C Brewing Company and Wooden Robot Brewery.

4. Charlotte loves sports. With a professional baseball, racing, basketball, and football team all in one; you will learn to love sports if you didn't already. During football and basketball season especially, you do not want to drive uptown and you will see everyone showing their pride wearing team colors on gameday.

5. Charlotte’s Downtown is called uptown...and we may never know why.


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