ICYMI: David Byrne’s Performance on ‘The Late Show’

When David Byrne’s involved, it’s never going to be your average late-night talk show performance.

Byrne stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this past Friday (March 9) and during his sitdown with Byrne, Colbert recalled the story of how he didn’t go see Talking Heads on the “Stop Making Sense” tour so he could write a term paper instead.  Colbert asked Byrne whether he made a mistake.

While Byrne told Colbert that he’d never seen anything like the “Stop Making Sense” tour again, Byrne helped, in a manner of sorts, helped make it up to Colbert by including him in his performance of “Coming To My House.”  Honestly, if you don’t “fan out” for Colbert it’s because of your own deep jealousy.


 Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock blogger who once did a presentation in a college public speaking course about why The Rolling Stones were better than The Beatles.  (She received an A.)