Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Unique Individuals

Have you ever wondered what it is like to walk a day in the shoes of an individual with special needs?Have you ever wondered what their outlook on life is and how they feel about how they are viewed and treated?

People with disabilities are some of the most unique individuals with great personalities who display many different talents.

Just because they are a little different does not mean people should be rude to them, nor should they be mistreated or discriminated against in any way. Individuals with disabilities are no different from you, and I.

If you took the time to have a conversation with them or spend some time with them you'll find out just how intelligent they are and, you'd be surprised at what a great new friend you'd make and at the same time bring some joy into their life. They are perfect in their own way just like god created them to be.

All they want is to live and enjoy a normal life with happiness like anybody else and, not be viewed a certain way or treated differently because of who they are.