Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images

Deadly Squirrel

If you're a person that loves to hunt and eat your prey, you might think twice after reading this, and it just may save your life.

A  New York resident may have caught a frightening brain disease in one of the strangest ways, and that's by eating squirrel meat that was contaminated with zombie-like proteins. As a result of the disease, the 61-year-old man suffered cognitive impairment, schizophrenia, psychosis, and was unable to walk.

Doctors could not do anything for the man, and he died within five months. Tests showed the man caught a rare disease called variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease(vCJD), which is very fatal and caused by a protein known as prion which is also a disease in which some animals carry. There have only been 200 documented cases of vCJD worldwide.