Our humble journey that began in Riverside, CA, eventually led us to mark our presence in San Diego, CA. With sheer determination and an unchanging dedication to quality, Cannabis 21 Plus has become a beacon of reliability for those seeking the finest cannabis products.

We are an institution that believes in the healing power of our offerings. Our mission is to provide a safe, professional, and state-compliant facility, where we offer products that are absolutely beneficial for life enhancement and health. We are passionate about what we sell and providing a comfortable, friendly environment for our customers.

Seeing our belief resonate among peoples of Riverside and San Diego fills us with immense joy. The journey to becoming the finest dispensary has not been quick or straightforward, yet rewarding. The trust we’ve earned is our greatest success – a success that extends far beyond our dispensaries.

Join us on our journey, where we peek into the future to create a world that embraces the benefits of cannabis. It’s not just about running the best Cannabis dispensary but striving to inspire and evoke a sense of wellbeing in our community.