Welcome to MMD Shops North Hollywood – your harbinger of great vibes! Operating in the midst of the glamorous city of stars, we have set a new benchmark for dispensary standards. We’re your reliable spot for all your needs – think of us as the coffee shop down the road you can’t live without, but instead of serving up cappuccinos, we’ve got something much more exciting!

Dispensing Good Vibes in North Hollywood

Whether it’s your first step on this journey or you’re an experienced connoisseur, our exemplary dispensary in North Hollywood and Burbank, CA, ensures an unforgettable experience. Unlike a traditional trip to the DMV, you’ll leave our shop with a satisfactory grin. But beware, our infectious good vibes might make you want to come back again and again!

Serving Happy Customers – Not Mocha Lattes!

At MMD Shops North Hollywood, we take pride in providing not just quality products, but a service with a smile. Tea or coffee? Nah. In this shop, it’s all about asking whether indica suits you or maybe a dash of sativa? Whatever your poison, we’ve got you covered, and we serve it up with love!