About Francene Marie

Francene Marie started airing her one-woman talk show on Kiss 95.1 in 1996 and since has secured syndicated spots on (6-plus) Beasley Media Group stations in the Southeast Region.

The Francene Marie Show is 1-hour of laughs, a good cry and something in the middle; she addresses at least 4 topics in the hour, and segments range from food in your fridge to popular DIY segments to child abuse, affordable housing, and extremely timely event-driven segments. We celebrate community highlighting non-profits, people, places and things. You're liable to hear ANYTHING at any given moment, any given weekend. 

Francene Marie serves on a few Boards & Advisory Committees in town, loves to emcee black tie events, mentors and enjoys reaping the benefits of adult children. Check out her new venture with K104.7's Phil and Mel in a podcast titled: Relationship ICU. As her tagline on the show says, "Only smart people listen to the Francene Marie Show". Please join in on the fun! Smooches!

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