Roaming around New Mexico? Looking for a trustworthy source for your green life needs? Look no further! Whether you’re near Boles Acres or Tularosa, there’s always a premium cannabis destination within reach. Driven by a passion for natural wellness, our company provides nothing less than top-quality pot products that respect our environment and cater to your diverse needs.

High Rolls and La Luz: A Green Horizon

In locales such as High Rolls and La Luz, our dispensaries endeavour to deliver a high-grade marijuana experience. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you in selecting the best strain for you, a risk-free exploration of this green wonder. Just starting? We promise a welcoming, judgement-free environment for all our customers.

Holloman AFB and Alamogordo: Your Cannabis Corner

For those stationed at Holloman AFB or visiting Alamogordo, our cannabis store and dispensary provide an extensive variety of products. From cannabis oils to flowers, your satisfaction is our highest priority. Step into any of our dispensaries and start your green life with us today!