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6 Classic Rock Ad Cameos

It’s very popular for classic rock songs to provide the soundtrack to various commercial, but what about when an actual artist appears in the commercial?  That, too, has happened often, like when Eddie Money, who celebrates a birthday today (March 21), tried to actually sell two actual tickets to paradise in a Geico ad.

Meet The Transition Squad

As a female no matter what socioeconomic status you are, most likely you'll experience or see friends and family having to start all over from scratch. Each year we celebrate the upward mobility of women which takes place via Legend's Luncheon. Join FACET Services, Inc. in celebrating its 11th Annual Legend's Luncheon. This year the…

5 Incredible Rock Hall Jam Sessions

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony is right around the corner, and just like in years past, it'll likely feature an incredible all-star jam session at the end of the evening.